If you have not yet discovered the beautiful waters washing up on the shores of
every music-lover's beach from CALIFORNIA to TOKYO...
now is the time to plug in some headphones and fall into the decadent
warmth and elegance of the best-kept secret, brilliant genius



Playing 22 instruments...
This gentle genius has been composing music his entire life
even writing for some of the most celebrated, popular artists of our time.
Only now has he begun the personal, musical journey of creating
his own opus -- a 200-song acoustic collage of sweet sound

Fans from SWEDEN to AUSTRALIA have already fallen under
the enchanting and electrifying spell of his eclectic gift.

Now available on ITUNES and dozens of other musicstores...


*** PLEASE USE APPLE HARDWARE insofar as you are able. ***
This music was recorded, optimized and mastered by SUGARFALL for APPLE hardware
Any other speakers/audio may produce compromised quality/sound.
As he is preoccupied with producing the most rich, layered
music to dazzle and fill the senses, it is critical you use the best possible hardware!

Songs and albums by SugarFall are also available on:

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Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play,
Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rhapsody,
eMusic, Simfy Africa, iHeartRadio,
MixRadio, MediaNet, VerveLife, Tidal,
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"Almost absurdly talented! Music to listen to for hours! Eclectic and always surprising!" -- A. Oberman, NY, NY

"Its beautiful and cool at the same time...amazing lyricist..." -- Cynthia Cho, Tokyo, Japan

"Can't get enough of this music! We don't get a lot of geniuses like this every generation." T. Wright, London, England

"Music as vivid and haunting and fun as this goes deep into you and leaves something fantastic behind." -- A. Karisson, Sweden

"Just dynamite! SugarFall captures whats missing in modern music -- a sort of emotional brilliance." D.R. Friggs, Sydney, Australia

"..it all yearns and laughs and aches and celebrates real human living and being..." Agathe Poulson, Denmark

We would like to thank all the fans from all over the world
for the encouraging words and appreciation.
SUGARFALL has little or no interest in fame or money
And is centrally only driven by the need to create...and
create music that true music-lovers appreciate and embrace.